Gentle Days

Pregnant & Baby Group

Third trimester - 12 months(ish)

Monday Mornings 10am - 11.30am 


Aimed at parents and caregivers from third trimester of pregnancy to 12 months (or thereabouts), Gentle Days is a non-judgemental, empathetic and supportive group. 

We start our mornings with tea in the peaceful bird room where we take time to quietly observe the babies. The leader then offers an inspiring reading or springboard for thought and discussion. This can also be a time for sharing and thoughtful reflection and the developing of friendships.


We transition between activities with songs that many parents choose to take away to continue using at home. We then have a song and rhyme time which reflects the current season before heading outside for woodland story time and a sling walk (accessible for pushchairs and wheelchairs).

Once walking, nearly all of the babies progress onto the Friday Parent & Child Group.

Please get in touch if you would like to join us for a free trial session.

We are experimenting with making Gentle Days TOTALLY FREE for expectant parents - dads and mums - from your third trimester of pregnancy.


Parents get to enjoy Gentle Days for such a brief time - often less than a year - before their little one starts running around and they out-grow the group! This will give us that little bit longer together, in this very special and beautiful chapter of our lives.


I’ll tell you a crazy thing: It came as a big surprise to me, the day after I gave birth - that, suddenly, I was responsible for the survival and well-being of a tiny little human being! Ridiculous, I know!


Somehow, the whole of pregnancy was preoccupied with childbirth - what would it be like, how would I cope with the pain, my birth plan, getting baby stuff ready. When I found myself at the other side of birth-giving, I felt overwhelmed and had no idea what to do! I know I’m not unusual.


Gentle Days is a place of real connection and friendship for parents. We wanted to make it possible for you to come and make those friendships before you/your partner gives birth, so that there is already a community of loved, trusted people from day one of your parenting journey. Sometimes it feels brave just to leave the house with a newborn. We hope this makes it a bit easier for you.


If you’d like to come - together, or just one parent - to Gentle Days FOR FREE during third trimester, drop us a message on Facebook, or email