Current term dates

Gentle Days:
Monday 28th October - Monday 16th December (8 weeks)

2020 dates:

Monday 6 Jan - 10 Feb (5 weeks)

Monday 24 Feb - 30 Mar (6 weeks)

Monday 20 Apr - 18 May (5 weeks)

Monday 1 Jun - 20 Jul (8 weeks)

Parent & child groups:
Friday 1st November - Friday 13th December (7 weeks)

2020 dates:

10 Jan - 31 Jan (4 weeks) 

28 Feb - 27 Mar (5 Weeks)

24 Apr - 22 May (4 weeks) *Closed for May Bank Holiday, 8th May

5 Jun - 17 Jul (7 weeks)


To arrange your first FREE session, or to book your place for the coming term, please email Lucy:


Your first session is completely free of charge.

Monthly standing order £19.50/month (this works out at £6/session over the course of a year). 

Early bird (pay before the end of the previous term) - £6/session per family.

Standard subs - paid in advance - £7/session per family

Our groups run during term time only.


A drop-in rate may be available at the leader's discretion, subject to availability. Please contact us to discuss.


We try hard to support families who would be excluded due to cost. If you are on full tax credits and/or have specific need, please let us know and we will do our best to help. If you feel you can afford it and would like to help out another family, some of our parents choose to pay a higher gift-rate of £8/session, or make a one-off donation.

Parents are invited to bring nourishing food for the shared vegetarian meal - for instance fruit, bread, hummus (Parent & Child Group only). Please make sure food is labelled appropriately for allergens.

Gentle Days

Pregnant & baby






10:30am & 1:15 pm


Everyone welcome!

Seasonal events & fundraisers


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