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Meet the team

Lincolnshire Waldorf Group is run by a team of volunteer parents. We meet every couple of months to make plans and keep our groups running smoothly. New parents and grandparents are always welcome to join our friendly committee, whether participating occasionally or in a named role. Please email, or speak to one of us, if you would like to get involved.



I was living in Myanmar when I got pregnant with my oldest daughter. We decided to move back to the U.K to have the baby and my partner is from Lincolnshire so we moved here. I grew up in Camphill which is a community based on the principles of the teachings of Rudolf Steiner for people with disabilities. I also attended a Waldorf school for my whole education. Because of my background I was very happy to find the Lincolnshire Waldorf parent and child groups. It is such a lovely supportive group and my kids love going to it. I have been happy to get more involved in the running of it.

Laura Stratford

Gentle Days group leader & Group Secretary

My work background is in teaching and early years education, but when I'm doing what I choose, I'm with my own children, participating in environmental or community activism, or if I'm lucky, wild swimming! 

I was involved in setting up the group when my teenagers were little, and it is wonderful for be back with the youngest of my brood, and especially to be looking after the new Mamas at Gentle Days while Kerry takes some time off with her little one.

I love Steiner education because of the gentle care and attention that goes into every aspect of the groups, from the feel of the place and the natural materials and hand-made toys, to the love surrounding the children and the warm and supportive relationships developed between parents. It made all the difference to me as a new parent, and I'm glad to be able to share that experience with others.

Committee Member


I heard about Lincolnshire Waldorf Group when my son was just born. I gave quite a few groups a go, when I was new to motherhood. Out of all the groups I tried, Gentle Days was the most nurturing and nourishing for me as I strode into the unknown job of parenting. As we’ve grown as a family, we’ve moved up into the parent and child group, which we continue to attend and love. My son and I have both made some beautiful friends through the groups, I’m eternally grateful for this. 

The plan was for me to be a full time parent, which is something I’ve been looking forward to for a few years. Before becoming a mother, I have always been employed so when an opportunity to help the LWG committee arose, I took it. Not that I wasn’t busy enough being a mum, I felt I needed something else and to be part of something that supports me and my son is great. Knowing that we’re here for other parents on their voyage too is comforting. I feel like I’m part of a community, being involved in the group. 

My second son was born in September 2018 so we're back at Gentle Days too!



I have a background in offshore project management, languages and teaching. Mountaineering in the Scottish Highlands is one of my top pastimes, alongside gardening, reading and getting stuff done. Two years ago I began my favourite job of being a parent. A love of the outdoors led me to join Lincolnshire Waldorf Group based in the beautiful setting of Chambers Farm Wood. In participating in both Gentle Days and the Parent & Child group I have observed in fascination how the group has positively contributed towards my children’s linguistic and social development. Through the group I have also enjoyed and benefited from sharing everyday discussions about the concerns and pleasures of parenting within a supportive environment. I am delighted to be a member of the committee of a group that can offer reassurance, friendship and fun for both parent and child within an idyllic setting.

I was first introduced to the Lincolnshire Waldorf Group by a friend I made at NCT. My daughter and I started coming to Gentle Days when she was 7 weeks old and it was the best decision I ever made. Starting the week in a supportive, empathic and encouraging environment. Both my daughter and I have made some amazing friends for life through the group. We have now progressed on to the Parent and Child Group on a Friday and look forward to it all week.

Before I had my daughter I was a Marketing Manager and have worked both here and in New Zealand covering various marketing roles across different industries and sectors. I have gained so much from the The Lincolnshire Waldorf Group that I wanted to give something back and join the committee, putting my skill sets to good use and for an organisation I truly believe in!

Sophie Foster

Website Manager

Laura Pearson

Lucy Cawdron

Parent & Child group leader

I am Lucy, I have been leading the Lincolnshire Waldorf parent and child group for over 2 years. Before that, I attended the group as a family with my 2 children Luke and Lathan.

My own children blossomed within the group and made some strong friendships that will last forever and I also gained some wonderful supportive friends. The group welcomed us and supported us as a family at a time in my life when I needed it most and I shall be forever thankful.

I am also a yoga teacher specialising in pre- and postnatal yoga and support, baby yoga, and most recently children's yoga both in and out of schools, and yoga for children with special needs. 

I am passionate about educating and helping children to feel accepted and  know that they are perfect just the way they are. My classes allow a journey for each child through the practice of yoga, mindfulness and meditation bringing strength, confidence, self awareness and acceptance of themselves.

I am also a passionate vegan, I love all animals!  I love healthy food and organic clothing! I love to read books, too, but since having my children never get the chance!


Lucy x

Social Media Manager

Laura is an active member of our committee. Her older child has now outgrown our group, and she continues to come with her younger child.


Laura has a background in IT and education. 

Alison Fairchild

Membership Secretary

Martha Prince

Committee Member

Hello, my name is Martha. I am a Mum of two. I was told about the group many times with my eldest and finally made it along when he was 6 months old. I wish I had come sooner! 


I found support, nurture, kindness, creativity, biscuits, and above all: friendship. I was encouraged and supported to be honest about my journey into motherhood, and my experience of post-natal depression; and I found women with whom I can be my whole authentic self with. I value this so highly and am very grateful for my beautiful Mamma friends.


I currently attend Gentle Days with my youngest, and the Friday afternoon group with both my small humans. Our week is completed with a dose of the loveliness that is our group.


I am an ordained Holistic Minister, with a background in women's empowerment circles, mental health, healthcare, heath rangering ... and many other dabbles, with special interests in Steiner ethos of education and natural witchery. I know Steiner more from his spiritual perspective than his educational one, although the mytho-poetic ideology runs through the women's groups I am involved in.


Becoming part of the committee, for me, is about giving back, and emerging from under the black ocean of depression. It represents hope, recovery and gratitude; with the knowledge that this group is important.

Lucy Dockwray

Lucy Dockwray

Committee Member

I joined the group on moving back to the UK after nine and a bit years living in Australia.  Myself and my little boy attend both the Monday and Friday group.  It’s a very supportive and welcoming environment and has given me confidence on my Motherhood path. I joined the committee because I’m passionate about supporting other Mummas.  Since having my little one I’ve decided to commit to and fulfil a lifelong dream of writing.  My first book will be a very personal account of my journey into Motherhood.


What I love most about the group is being amongst Mothers and meeting friends for life whilst learning about the Steiner philosophy.


It’s my hope the group becomes a first choice for Mothers meaning the group runs for many years to come.