Dorothy Marlen


A workshop for parents - Saturday 2nd November 2019

 10am-4pm at St Giles Nursery School, Lincoln

Morning talk

Dorothy is the author of The Parent & Child Handbook - which is really the bible for our group. She is an early childhood consultant and trainer, and a long term friend and inspiration to our group.

Her morning talk will cover a Waldorf perspective on the child aged 2-4 - their development and behaviours, and how we can engage with them as parents and early years educators, including the use of song and story-telling.


The talk will be repeated at 10am and 12 noon so both parents get to enjoy it. 

Afternoon Crafts

There will be a practical craft activity in the afternoon, primarily aimed at parents and as an opportunity for further discussion. Children can have a go as long as you are supervising your child(ren).

Additional Information


We are keen not to separate families on a weekend, and also that Dads, Mums, other primary care-givers and anyone parenting single-handed can all get to enjoy Dorothy's talk. So we encourage you to come as a family - children are welcome - and there will be suitable indoor and outdoor space where they can play (they need to be supervised, we cannot offer childcare provision on this occasion).




There will be a bring & share lunch with the children - please bring something for the shared table, and label it for allergens as appropriate. If you have serious allergies or complicated dietary needs, feel free to bring your own packed lunch if you prefer.

Our hosts

St Giles Nursery have kindly invited us to use their facilities. For more information on how to get there and car parking please follow this link.