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May Newsletter

We have had a brilliant spring term. Thank you to all our wonderful families. Our Mayday celebration was a success, thank you to everyone who came to join us dance around the Maypole. We can only get better at that! The children loved dancing and singing in the magic circle.

Spring is here and the children were delighted to be back in the woods enjoying story time within the magic circle. We would like to take the opportunity to welcome our new families Debbie and Oscar and we’re delighted to have Jenny and Charlie back at our Friday Group! We would also like to welcome Charlotte and baby Sophia to Gentle Days and 'Welcome back' to Rachel and Jess with their new additions Athel and Ida. Do keep mentioning the group to likely people, as we’ll need to recruit more families for September, if not before. We have been enjoying the arrival of spring and seeing butterflies and bees in the butterfly garden! Our shared meal is always a special time within the group and enjoy trying out new recipes. Gentle days leader Kerry kindly made some delicious and nutritious nettle pesto with pasta.

Kerry's Nettle Pesto

• One saucepan of nettles, steam these.

• 3 cloves of garlic, can be raw or steamed with the nettles.

• One handful of nuts, I used cashews as these are creamy.

• Olive oil, a good glug.

All the ingredients should be blended together to make the pesto. Add to pasta, potatoes or use as a dressing. Cheese can be added if you like but if you use cashew nuts, it’s not necessary. Enjoy!

Crafts this term have been spring crowns made from weaving willow and adding flowers, planting sunflower seeds and making brilliant whipper whoppers that are so simple to make, the children found sticks in the woods to attach them to and we watched them spin in the wind! Our story has been based around the arrival of spring, Peter and Lilly have been exploring the meadow, finding birds busy making nests, bees buzzy visiting all the flowers! Looking for the arrival of tadpoles and weaving a willow spring crown for their mother. The story is held within the woods in our magic circle. Children may wish to sit and watch or they may wish to play close by, there is no pressure for families to make their children sit and we have found that even if the children are not sitting watching they are usually listening close by.

For new families, we are putting together a handbook about the group, with a little about the thinking behind a Steiner-inspired session. For example, a core belief is regarding the importance of imitation in the early years: Steiner groups and importance of imitation. Prior to age three, much of young children’s play is imitative. We ask adults to behave in a manner that is worthy of imitation. You can support your child’s learning (as well as the smooth running of the group) by, for instance, helping clear up after the meal, or putting away toys at tidy-away time – we find that children join in without being instructed or cajoled. Similarly, when adults are quiet and listen attentively at story time, children see what is expected and are inclined to follow suit. Joining in the songs we sing between activities, the ‘transition’ songs, will really help children know what is coming next too. Our songs and stories reflect the seasons, as does the nature table. You’ll find the songs for this half term below. Plus here is a link for all our seasonal and daily songs http://www.lincolnshirewaldorf.org.uk/activities/songs/Fundraising. As a group we rely upon donations and money raised at our fundraising events to enable the group to continue. Another characteristic of a Steiner group is to celebrate festivals through the year. Our next festival coming up will be in the summer - Watch this space!


"Oh, dandelion, yellow as gold, What do you do all day?"

"I sit and I wait here In the long green grass Till the children come to play."

"Oh, dandelion, yellow as gold, What do you do all night?"

"I wait and wait while the cool dew falls, And my hair grows long and white."

"And what do you do when your hair grows white, And the children come to play?"

"They take me up in their dimpled hands And blow all my hair away."

Horsey horsey don't you stop

Just let your feet go clippety clop

Your tail goes swish and your wheels go round

Giddy up we re homeward bound

We're not in a hurry , we're not in a flurry

We don't go chasing down the road

We're not in a hustle we're not in a bustle

We have not got a very heavy load

I'm buzzy buzzy said the bee

I won't be home for supper or my tea

It takes me hours and hours

To visit all the flowers

I'm buzzy buzzy said the bee.

Look whose here its lady spring, lady spring, lady spring

Look whose here its lady spring, she s come to dance and sing.

Wiggledy wriggledy wriggle a lot

Stuck in the jelly little black dot

Wraggledy wraggledy waggle and roll

Swim in the water little tadpole

Jumpedy jumped jumpedy jump

Jump in the meadow little green frog

Hands high look at me, to the sky look at me

Hands low look at me, to my toes look at me

And I hold my hands in the air

Hands high look at me, to the sky look at me

Hands low look at me to my toes look at me

And I hold my hands way down low

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