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Beautiful lullabies for the new year...

Beautiful new songs and lullubies for the new year.

New year: time for some beautiful new songs and lullabies!

I found this one in A Pocketful of Stars, published by Barefoot books.

More rhymes originating, and usually adapted, from the Steiner favourite: The Singing Year.

Silk Rhymes

King Winter is here and the cold winds blow

His crown of ice and his coat of snow

The winter tells the little bulbs to tuck their heads in so

They will not feel too chilly when the cold winds blow.

Spring will come with sun and showers, and show your little head

And you will grow and grow and grow, right out of your bed!

Winter songs

Tell me where do you come from, you little flake of snow

Falling falling, softly falling, on the earth below.

On the trees and the hillside, and the mountaintop afar,

Tell me snowflake, do you come from where the angels are?

Finger Rhymes

Snow drop, snow drop, little drop of snow

What do you do when the cold winds blow?

We bow our little heads and sing cold winds, blow away.

Snow drop, snow drop, dressed in green and white

What do you do when the sun shines bright?

We shake our little heads and sing ting-a-ling, ting-a-ling

Here comes Spring!

Up the tall white candlestick ran little mousie brown

Up to the top, but she couldn't get down!

So she called to her Grandma: "Grandma! Grandma!"

But Grandma was in town!

So she curled herself into a ball and rolled right down!

I saw a little snowman, he had a carrot nose

Along came a bunny, and what do you suppose?

That little bunny rabbit was looking for his lunch -

He ate the snowman's carrot nose, munch munch munch!

He hopped past a squirrel, he hopped past a tree

He hopped past a robin, and he hopped past me.

He stared at the squirrel and he stared at the tree,

He stared at the robin, but he pulled a face at me!

and the cold winds blow

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