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Pregnant? Why you must join us right away

We decided to change the name of our group. To Gentle Days pregnant & baby group.

Chaps - we know technically you’re not pregnant. You ARE totally invited! You’re about to become a Dad. This group is for you. Totally free during third trimester.

Why does it matter so much?

OK being honest - the rest of us just love an expectant parent! We’ve been there too, not very long ago, and we love to share your excitement and anticipation! You can ask us questions. Get reassurance and birth stories aplenty.

How about you? The first months of parenthood can be lonely and difficult. Once the initial flush of baby guests have been and gone, and everyone’s out at work and you’re home alone with a tiny and exhausting little human being in your arms - that can be the hardest time to get out there and make new connections and friendships and support networks. Lots of parents have commented on this. So we want to make friends with you now!

Will you feel a bit funny when the rest of us are singing songs and rhymes to our babies and you’re just sat there? Erm - your baby can hear you! You can start singing songs to your baby right now! And all being well you’ll have a nice repertoire committed to memory by the time they’re born. This is essential baby kit that you can’t buy from a shop!

So come and and join us - find a moment of peace and stillness in the woods; friendship and laughter with other parents; good honest conversations, and maybe go home humming a lullaby!

For more about Gentle Days, see our page. For more about our community, come and say hello on Facebook and Instagram.

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