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About Gentle Days...

I lead Gentle Days pregnant & baby group at Chambers Farm Woods on a Monday morning. My name is Laura Stratford (yes, some children really do call me by my full name! Helps to distinguish me from Laura Pearson who is also behind the scenes on our social media!)

A little disclaimer - I’m not an expert, it’s not a parenting course, and I’m not offering advice - that’s not what it’s about at all!

I’m here as a parent, to try and offer you a bit of what I wish had been available to me when I first entered motherhood, and which was a complete game-changer for me when Gentle Days was there for me with baby #3.

Most importantly, it is a warm, supportive parent community and friendship base. I think you will really appreciate the open-ness and honesty of the conversations that we have at GD, the friendships that develop, and the trust and respect that arises.

During the group time, I share ideas about parenting that I have found helpful and inspiring, and that I think are worthy of your consideration - primarily ideas about infant care from Emmi Pikler and child development from the Steiner-Waldorf community, as well as other contemporary influences. Lots of parents connect with these ideas very intuitively. And what you don’t find helpful or relevant is not obligatory!

On a practical level, I teach you some beautiful songs, rhymes and lullabies, which vary through the seasons - because it’s a really useful and pleasing tool in the parenting toolkit to have a good repertoire of all of the above, and I tell you, you will go crazy with too many wheels on the bus!

And - really importantly - we do all this in the woods. Both in the wood-heated centre, and outdoors in the woodland circle. There is also the option of going for a woodland walk together after group. Because I know what a difference it makes - to us as parents, and to our babies - to spend some time in nature.

A few friends have graduated from the group recently - it’s such a short first year! - so we’re looking for some new families to join us. Dads, mums, grandparents all welcome. Your first session is always free. It’s also totally free during your third trimester (including expectant dads). Ping us a message or an email to let us know you’d like to come. lincolnshirewaldorfgroup@gmail.com

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