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Late Autumn Rhymes

Gentle Days

Wind, fresh wind in the morning, wind that blows in the tops of the pines

Joy of the blowing wind, let's go out in the strong wind

My lantern, my lantern, shining near and far

Shining like the sun, shining like the moon, shining like a silver star

Thumbs in the thumb place, fingers all together

This is the song we sing in mitten weather

Doesn't matter if they're wool or softest leather

Thumbs in the thumb place, fingers all together

Drop-drop-dropperly on your topperly

Drop-drop-dropperly on your nose

Drop-drop-dropperly, shoulders, tummy

Drop-drop-dropperly, knees and toes...

You're all wet! Rub you dry!

Friday Parent & Child Group

The leaves are green the nuts are brown

They hang so high and wont come down

Leave them alone till frosty weather

Then they will all come down together

Yellow the bracken

golden the sheaves

Rosy apples crimson the leaves

Mist on the hillside , clouds grey and white

Autumn good morning , summer goodnight 

I am enough , you are enough , we are all of we are enough

I am made of light , you are made of light , we are all of us we are made of light

I am made of love , you are made of love , we are all of us we are made of love


4 scarlet berries left upon the tree, oh said Mr blackbird, those will do for me.  First he ate numbers one and two, then ate number three, when he’d eaten number four, there were none to see.

My Friend the squirrel sits and stares, nose up high, sniffing air, twitching here, twitching there.

My Friend the squirrel puffs his cheek. Holds his nut, brown and sleek. Looks for a tree hole takes a peek.

My Friend the squirrel runs up trees. Jumps onto branch most nimbley. In his hibernation home to be.

Autumn leaves are lovely, they rustle when I run, sometimes I make a great big heap and jump in just for fun.

We are walking, we are walking as the leaves, they flutter down,

We are walking, we are walking, catch a leaf of golden brown.

We are skipping….

We are running…..

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